Meet the artists Okuda and Remed

Okuda and Remed have created our new Urban Art inspired by the vibrancy and passion of our wine, as well as the expressiveness of our Spanish culture.

Urban Art

During our first collaboration it became obvious that there is a natural affinity between the processes involved in creating great art, and the requirements for making great wine. Planning, taste & colour are all huge aspects in both processes, and the end product is ultimately an expression of the passion of those who created it.

Okuda & Remed first collaborated with Campo Viejo on the iconic Bird sculpture which takes pride of place at our La Rioja vineyards, and have being creating art celebrating ‘Life, Uncorked' ever since.


Okuda is a passionate and internationally renowned Urban Artist who started painting in 1997 and began producing urban art on a larger, outdoor scale five years later. He uses brightly coloured, abstract geometric shapes with interplay of grey bodies and organic forms to depict contradictions about existentialism and the meaning of life. Okuda has showcased his work at over 56 exhibitions covering mediums like conceptual mixed media installations and mixed media canvas to mural paintings and Street Art.


Remed is an expressive artist well known for his bold use of shapes and colour and large-scale murals. He started painting in 1995 in the privacy of his studio in his home town of Lille, but felt limited by a canvas framework so quickly moved his art to the streets. He is now based in Madrid and since 2005 his artwork has been showcased in over 40 individual and collective exhibitions worldwide and has painted 24 murals in countries such as the UK, Spain, USA, Poland, Italy and France.